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Our Pollinator garden is starting to bloom, and bees and butterflies are visiting! Come see!
Plants were selected for their value to pollinators and appropriateness for the home landscape.
All are native to Southern Illinois of course. Pictured below are a few of early bloomers:
Rose Vervain (or Rose Verbena)--- a low-growing (1/2 to 2 feet tall), perennial has pinkish
purple flowers about 1/2 inch across. It likes full to partial sun and mesic to dry soil; and will
bloom over a 2 month period from late spring to mid-summer. Long-tongued bees, butterflies
and skippers are attracted to it's nectar.

Golden Alexander--- a medium height (2 1/2 feet) perennial in the wild carrot family, with umbels
of yellow flowers about 2 inches across. It likes full to partial sun, but will tolerate light shade. It
blooms for about a month in late Spring and provides nectar for short-tongued bees, and many
other pollinators. It is a host plant for Black Swallowtail and Ozark Swallowtail Butterflies (feeds
their caterpillars- so rejoice when you see the plants have been nibbled on!)
Monarda (Bee Balm)--- a medium height perennial (2-3 feet) in the mint family, has showy
reddish purple to pink blooms that attract hummingbirds, bumblebees and butterflies. It prefers
partial sum and mesic to moist conditions. It blooms for about 2 months in the summer.

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